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Hot Topic: Is Being Too Touchy Feely Considered Cheating? [CALLS]

Coco was caught up in a photo scandal after pictures of her and a rapper name AP9 hit the looking really cozy and comfortable with one another.

Both Coco and Ice T addressed the situation on Twitter and since then the two seem to have moved on from the incident. These photos of Coco with the rapper do look a little fishy and suspicious but on the flipside, maybe they’re just really good friends. With some friendships, friends feel like they’re close enough to be that affectionate without thinking it’s anything more than that, sort of like a brother/sister kind of thing.

But, is being too touchy feely like Coco and the rapper were in the photos considered “cheating”? Is it okay to act this way with a “friend?”. People were saying the Coco was caught cheating on Ice T but was she?

I say yes. If you want to be all touchy and feely with someone, go home to your girlfriend or boyfriend. People use this touchy feely excuse as a way to flirt….and probably with someone they like too!

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