Who Topped AskMen's "99 Most Desirable Women" List?

I guess the men have decided that it’s finally time for Kimmie to take a seat!

It’s no brainer, Kim Kardashian is gorgeous and she’s earned her title as one of AskMen's "99 Most Desirable Women” but she’s slowly losing that battle. Last year, the reality tv star owned the No. 8 spot but she barely made the cut for the 2013 list. I mean, they’ve bumped her all the way to the 98th slot!

James Bassil, editor-in-chief of AskMen told sources that Kim K is “petering off” the AskMen’s annual list now-a-days. And as she peters off, The Hunger Games actress, Jennifer Lawrence, steals the spotlight earning the No. 1 spot. Bassil said the 22-year-old was a little more “authentic” than the other actors.

Maybe Kimmie will be off the list completely by next year but say it isn't, even men have had enough of Kardashianmania?