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The CW Network is working on a Hunger Games inspired TV Show.

The competition show will be called “The Hunt”, and 12 teams will be left in the wilderness with no water, no food, and no shelter whatsoever. The teams will compete in a game where they have to rely on their physical capabilities, hunting skills, and survival skills. The ultimate goal is to endure the harsh and extreme conditions that they will be forced into while capturing one another.

This is exactly just like in the movie in which 12 tributes are left in the wilderness without food, water, and shelter, having to fend for themselves and survive to ultimately be the last one standing. Clearly the difference is no one is being killed off ll

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With the great success of the Hunger Games book series and movie, a TV show seems like the next big step. When it comes to television, shows like ‘Survivor’ have been big hits and ‘The Hunt’ promises to take it there and beyond. Kinda sounds like an ‘Amazing Race’/‘Survivor’ hybrid.But hey it’s a smart idea and something that was bound to happen. Will you watch Hunger Games fans?

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