Hot Topic: Rosenberg Needs Advice On How To Tell His Wife He Wants To Hangout Alone [AUDIO]

Rosenberg just got married a few months ago and it was a beautiful wedding! He and his wife will be going on their honeymoon soon but he has a problem, he doesn’t know how to tell her that he wants to do things on his own?

As a married couple, you tend to do everything together but what if you want to just chill out by yourself? Rosenberg wants to go to his friend’s party by himself and just chill with the guys, but being the “hamburger” that he is, he doesn’t know how to tell his wife that without hurting her feelings or making her feel like there’s a reason why he doesn’t want her there!

He needs advice on how to tell her and who better to help him then our female listeners! You guys gave some great advice, well some of you, the others just yelled at him haha.