Flashing Lights: Was Coco Cheating On Ice T After All?

I thought everything was right between Ice T and Coco after Coco took some questionable pictures with a rapper named AP9 from Las Vegas.

The pictures in question show him and Coco hugged up and being very affectionate with each other which caused Ice T to check her on Twitter. He said he felt humiliated, disrespected and she ended up apologizing.

Now this rapper from Vegas is insinuating that he may have had relations with Coco. When TMZ asked him if he was sleeping with Coco he said, “That’s a RUMOR? Is that a rumor?” and then continued to say with a smile on his face, "No comment man."

Then when he was asked if he was worried about Ice T doing anything to him, he said “I'm from the hood ... I'm not worried about nothin'."

Maybe everything isn’t great in paradise.