Sixth Grader In Utah Brings Gun To School, Says He Was Scared of A Shooting Happening

After hearing about the massacre in Newtown, CT kids all over the nation feel unsafe in school, a place where they should feel safe.

This feeling is what led a sixth grader from Utah to bring a .22 caliber to his Salt Lake City West Kearns Elementary School. The unidentified student said it was left at home by a relative and he then brought it to school to defend himself just in a case a shooting break outs like what happened in Newtown. He went to school and started waving the gun at other students even threatening to shoot another student during recess. The student was questioned by an administrator later when other kids told teachers about it. The student said that his parents sent him with it to school for protection but his parents denied these claims.

This is how things snowball. Kids are starting to think this is cool???? This is getting so bad. I can’t believe this....