BBWLA's Brooke Bailey Sets The Record Straight About Beef With The Other Wives

Brooke Bailey from Basketball Wives LA dished it all about the girls on her show to Bossip.

Brooke Bailey really wanted to set things straight about Draya and the King magazine photo shoot the two were fighting about on the show. Brooke thinks Draya was mad and jealous about her being on the cover and says she's been featured in the magazine three times already and that this time was just her first time on the cover.

"Draya was trying to get in King for the whole year" Brooke explained. It all started when Draya showed up to the shoot and left when she saw Brooke there. Brooke says, "Draya was never really a model and people know that."

Brooke didn't only express her feelings about Draya but she also thought that Malaysia was fake too and as for the Govan sisters, she says "she love them to death they are really great girls".

And as far as the fight with Jackie Christie, she said "I blacked out I don't remember it at all but what I do know is that I beat her up" but Brooke says she didn't mean for it to go there and she's sorry about it.

Too bad most of these girls won't be returning next season.