Scratch That, Katt Williams Is Not Retiring From Comedy

After just four days of being retired, Katt Williams is already ready to come back.

Comedian Katt Williams has been getting into a lot of drama lately. Getting arrested, bar fights, a police chase, slapping Target employees, the whole nine! This ultimately led him to break down emotionally. In speaking through his emotion he told the world he was throwing in the towel, ending his 10 year comedic career. Who knew a retirement would be short lived though?

Well Katt’s management told sources that the comedian is not retiring and will actually continue his tour. They also explained that Katt made those remarks because he was feeling disrespected by all the events that unfolded in Seattle. He had a moment, now he’s back!

Obviously he would still have to make those court appearance but he will continue his tour this weekend. But now, it's being reported that Katt missed his arraignment in Seattle. SMH.