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Kanye West had a lot to say with his “Clique Speech” during his performance in Atlantic City last Saturday.He gave the resonating impression that he will not let negative criticism keep him down.Kanye stated “I’m not crazy,” which can be interpreted as an attempt by the rapper to convey that he does not let anybody demean him because of his eccentricity. Other issues he addressed included the negative criticism of his “Collection in Paris” fashion show, his hit collaboration with Jay-Z, “N***as in Paris” not being nominated for a Grammy despite reaching number five on the Billboard Top 100 and the music industry giving him a hard time early on in his career because of his stylistic differences from the rest of the hip hop community.He also makes a point that “They’re not me!” reminding us that he is his own independent person and does not let anything affect his lifestyle or work. Lastly, Kanye informs us that “I will die for what’s in my heart,” reminding us that he is deeply passionate about what he does.

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