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Michelle Obama was recently spotted giving the “side-eye” at the Inauguration Lunch!

She and John Boehner, Speaker of the House, were having a discussion during the President’s Inaugural Luncheon and came to a “meeting of the minds,” which basically means they reached disagreement over cigarettes!

(via The Hill:)

A lip-reader claims Speaker John Boehner’s question about cigarettes at the inaugural luncheon is what triggered an eye roll from the first lady. Larry Wenig, a lip-reading expert, tells “Inside Edition” that his analysis shows the Ohio Republican asked President Obama if he had a cigarette before the Monday luncheon.

While Obama quit smoking in 2010, Boehner still lights up. Obama has called giving up the habit for good “hard.”

According to Wenig, Boehner was referring to Michelle when he quipped to the commander in chief, “Somebody won’t let you do it.”

Check out the eye roll:

enter image description here

She looked pretty annoyed lol.

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