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Hot Topic: Are We On Beyonce Overload? (Lip-Synching National Anthem) [CALLS]

I don’t know why people are so upset over Beyonce lip-synching the national anthem at the Inauguration!

Seriously, we all know she can belt out any song given to her and the one time she wanted to play it safe, have no screw ups on a live national televised historic event and she gets criticized for it.

Beyonce did not have time to rehearse with the Marine Corps Band and only did so once the night before the Inauguration. Being in the music industry for almost 20 years and performing at thousands of shows and events, I’m sure Beyonce would know what’s best. The Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir and Kelly Clarkson (who did an amazing job) were able to rehearse with the Marine Corps Band numerous times over the weekend.

Beyonce didn’t have time to rehearse because she flew straight from New Orleans where she’s been preparing and rehearsing for the Superbowl Halftime show and right after the Inauguration she literally flew back to New Orleans to resume practice.

Major events like these, inaugurations, the Superbowl and etc. all take precautions and have artists pre-record their performance just in case there’s equipment failure, weather interference and so on. Hey the great Whitney Houston lip-synched this famous and out-of-this-world Superbowl performance:

Unfortunately, and I don’t know why there are any, the Beyonce “haters” seem to think otherwise. If she sung live and something went wrong you all would’ve butchered her for it. She doesn’t sing live to make sure nothing goes wrong on this historic day and she gets ridiculed for it. She can’t win either way! You guys are putting the battery in her back. Watch her parachute into the stadium, belt out 15 songs AND have President Obama on stage!

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