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Everyone seems to have an opinion on Beyonce lip-synching the national anthem at President Obama’s inauguration but no one’s heard from her until now.

A source from Beyonce’s camp has admitted to Us Weekly that she used a backup track during the Presidential Inauguration ceremony and doesn’t see anything wrong with doing so. The source stated that the weather was too chilly for Beyonce to sing outdoors and without the assistance of a backup track she could have messed up a note, which would have turned out to be a much bigger deal than allegations of her lip-synching.

Beyonce’s source also clarified that she did in fact sing, just with the assistance of a backup track. The source ended their statement with the disclosure that the singer is most disappointed with the controversy centered on her performance, “A technicality which everybody does took away from the beauty of the moment."

So she did sing but did use the pre-recorded track as well! Now everyone can move on. Thank you.

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