Ebro In The Mornings w/ Laura Stylez & Rosenberg

Hot Topic: People Are Completely Different On Social Media [CALLS]

Using social media is a tricky, tricky thing. Do you keep what you say or post clean just in case your boss looks at it? Or do you be true to yourself and go all out?

You have to be careful when you’re on social media because you never know who’s looking or reading your stuff. If you present yourself one way but then on social media act another way, it probably will make people look at you differently. It's best you steer clear of posting anything about your private life unless you could care less.

In this case, Rosenberg has an old coworker who is super conservative and well put together in person but on social media she’s basically somebody else, posting up crazy sexy photos of her in tight outfits with boobs hanging out, the whole nine lol.

Hey, we all know someone like this!

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