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Reports and updates on the Carnival Triumph cruise ship have been on the news and internet since last Sunday because of an engine fire which stranded its passengers and crew in the Gulf of Mexico.

Conditions on the ship are deteriorating quickly. Raw sewage is leaking into people’s cabins and without air conditioning to filter the air people have resorted to sleeping on the deck in makeshift tents.

Carpets are stained with urine, people are using plastic bags because the toilets are malfunctioning, passengers are fighting over food, the elderly are running out of medication, and babies and young children are running out of diapers and formula.

To top it off, the crew has reportedly been handing out free alcohol to try and ease the stressful situation. Alcohol combined with the horrible conditions these poor people are in could potentially erupt into a power-keg fiasco very soon.

People have been surviving on cold onion sandwiches. Gross. The cruise ship is being towed to Mobile, Alabama by a rescue tugboat and is not expected to dock until Thursday afternoon.

Passengers reportedly will get a full refund, a free cruise, and a $500 check.

Hopefully these poor people can endure for that long. This is exactly why I don’t like to be on cruises!

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