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Hot Topic: If You Were Michelle Obama, Would You Leave If Barack Cheated? [CALLS]

President Obama and the First Lady Michelle Obama vacationed separately during President’s Day Weekend and it’s sparking up all these rumors that there’s trouble in the marriage. It’s not really about them vacationing separately, it’s more so who President Obama spent his vacation with!

While Michelle Obama was skiing with Sasha and Malia in Aspen, Colorado, Barack was having a round of golf with Tiger Woods and Ahmad Rashad, two men who are notorious when it comes to cheating. Could the President have been easily influenced and had his own fun while hanging out with these guys?

And the bigger question is, would Michelle Obama leave him if he did cheat on her? A man of wealth and power? Yes without a doubt! Michelle Obama would not stand for anything like that happening to her, she’s a strong woman and has two girls. She would not want to set a bad example for her kids and show them letting your husband cheating on you would be okay. Why do guys find this so hard to believe? If Michelle Obama wasn’t already a resilient person I’d say she’d probably buckle down and stay but not this woman!

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