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Hot Topic: Is Mayor Bloomberg Going Overboard With His New Rules? [CALLS]

Mayor Bloomberg may have overdone it this time.

The Mayor has been trying his best to implement new rules and regulations for NYC in hopes of making change but are these rules a little extreme?

Bloomberg has already called on the banning of large sodas that is going to take affect in a few days and he’s also banned smoking inside establishments. Those rules are unfair but helps to better the health of people in the city but how do you explain this? The Mayor is planning to do something about people playing their headphones too loud on the train, subways, etc., and for the perverted men/women who enjoy strip clubs, he’s trying to implement a “no pink” rule; no pink meaning you can’t see the stripper’s hooha.

I can understand the sodas, the smoking and the “no pink” thing since I think strip clubs are sad but trying to put a stop to people blasting loud music in their headphones??? How does that help NYC? Is he for real?? Is Bloomberg going overboard?? A lot of New Yorkers seem to think so and they called us up to vent their frustrations!

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