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Hot Topic: Men Who Shave Their Armpits [CALLS]

!Miss Info was in for K.Foxx today and she sparked up an interesting argument about men and hairy armpits.

Info believes men should shave their armpits because there’s nothing pleasant about seeing a big batch of poufy hair cascading out of a shirt and the odor that comes along with it!

The guys think she’s nuts and believe a man should be a man and have body hair on him especially underneath his pits. This is a very delicate topic LOL and I agree with Info about the nasty stench that comes from a man’s armpits when he sweats. Sometimes, a guy doesn’t even need to sweat to have his pits smell like sh— because the odor naturally comes out! But, I don’t know about shaving it all off, I’d rather have a guy put on deodorant 24/7 then to have his pits naked. There’s just something a little weird and creepy looking when I see a guy without hair there. Trim the sucker? Yes. Completely shave it off? Nooooo!

Athletes get the pass but besides them, are there any men out there who choose to have shave off their armpit hair???? Yes there are! And they all seem to be from the same place! Listen to the callers who phoned in to defend their hairless pits.

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