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Justin Bieber must really trust his best friend Lil Twist with his cars and I don’t know why!

Lil Twist got into another car accident while driving the Biebs chromed-out Fisker Karma. Sources say he crashed into poles that were protecting a wall at a San Fernando Valley liquor store. The car damaged the poles and the front of the car. Moments later, a BMW reportedly entered the lot and the driver told Twist and the passengers to put all the pieces into the BMW. They ended up doing so and left the scene, leaving behind the Fisker Karma.

Lil Twist and Justin may be under questioning because it’s a crime to leave the scene of an accident if it causes property damage without exchanging information.

This is not what Justin needs right now especially since he was hospitalized after a performance in London.

Sources say that the teen star felt woozy backstage at the 02 Arena and collapsed. He didn’t want to go to the hospital because he didn’t want to disappoint his fans and opted to get medical attention from a doctor on site.

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Justin did finish performing and then went to the hospital after the show where he’s still receiving treatment. Some are saying that his collapse was not due to medical reasons but a result of his hard partying ways that’s ultimately taking a toll on his body. They also believe that he arrived to the arena 2 hours late the night before because of the same reason.

If these rumors are true, Justin is heading in a downward spiral. We’ve all seen what happens to kids who became stars at a young age and overindulge. On top of that, I think it’s time for Justin and Lil Twist to part ways. Lil Twist already wrecked the Biebs Ferrari last year and was caught speeding in January that took a photographer’s life in the process.

Don’t let Lil Twist use drive your cars anymore Justin. Be smart. I don't care if that's your boy or not.

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