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Say goodbye to your large sugary drinks!

New York City’s new 16-oz regulation on soft drinks at restaurants is taking effect tomorrow (March 12, 2013). City Department of Health officials will be sending out special cups to every restaurant/eateries in the city through their inspectors. The cups will be able to hold 17 ounces to allow for a margin of error. Violations will be issued only if an eating establishment carries cups/bottled drinks that obviously exceed the 16 ounce limit.

Alcoholic drinks, fruit smoothies and diet sodas are not subject to the ban if they don’t have added sweetener. Neither are coffee drinks and milkshakes if it’s made with 50 percent milk.

Mayor Bloomberg talked about his campaign against excessively unhealthy diets stating, “It's called portion control. It's a typical way that companies use and governments use to explain to people what's in their interest and what isn't."

The campaign is reportedly going to cost restaurant companies a lot of money to replace their current glassware and such with the new cups. Some companies have already found ways around the new law, with a good example being that customers can still order large or extra-large drinks but will have to add their own sugar afterwards.

How annoying is it going to be to not be able to order 2-liter sodas with your 4 pizza pies? Or not getting large mixers for the $400 bottle of vodka you paid for in the clubs? Or at your kid’s birthday party at Dave & Busters where you can no longer order a pitcher of soda but instead have to buy bottles for each kid? Sucks!!!!

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