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The tragic events that happened in Boston will be engraved into everyone’s minds forever.

The Boston marathon bombing left 3 killed, one of which was an 8 year-old boy and at least 176 people injured. The injured were rushed to the hospital and some needed immediate attention for burns and torn limbs, while others had their body parts amputated.

The Associated Press reported that two more bombs were found and dismantled near the bombing site but now it's said that no additional bombs were found. Officials are working hard to piece together what they can, in hopes of figuring out who was behind this horrific act. The bombs were said to be placed in bags and garbage cans at the finish line and were remote detonated.

Cellphone service was completely shut down in Boston to prevent any other bombs from going off. Authorities say by seeing how the devices were put together and what was used, Intelligence can get an idea of who orchestrated the incident.

Another explosion also occurred at the JFK Library about an hour later but it was not confirmed whether it was related. That’s still being investigated.

What’s even more heartbreaking were the Newtown residents who were sitting in the VIP area by the finish line and watching the race that was dedicated to the tragic school shooting.

Some Newtown residents were also taking part in the race as well but fortunately completed the marathon before the explosions occurred.

President Obama made several statements regarding The President while delivering speech avoided direct labeling of the bombings as “acts of terrorism,” but made it clear that authorities would not hold back.

The U.K says they will be taking extreme security precautions for their London Marathon this Sunday and Mayor Bloomberg says they will do the same.

The U.S is completely vulnerable right now….we aren't as invincible or untouchable as we think are we are. Some still think that the things that happen overseas in these war-torn areas can’t happen here. Well, I hope this was a big enough wake up call for you if 9/11 wasn’t already.

From the numerous amounts of shootings, the devastation from Superstorm Sandy, the North Korea threats to this tragedy….I’m truly scared for our country.

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