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(photo via CBS)

New information about the bombings at the Boston Marathon two days ago was released by the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

According to the FBI, one of the bombs was made with explosive devices and shrapnel placed inside of a 6 liter pressure cooker while the other was inside a metal casing.

It’s still being determined whether the second bomb was inside a pressure cooker too.

The bombs were then put into a black backpack and left near the finish line.

Dr. George Velmahos, who is the head of trauma care at Massachusetts General Hospital, said his team found items such as pellets and nail-like objects inside patients' bodies.

They said to have removed “10, 20, 30, some as much as 40” nails, BB’s and ball bearings from their patients.

A law enforcement official speculated that the bombs were most likely detonated by timers, but the FBI says the method of detonation is still unknown.

Boston authorities have also stated that this is a possible “lone wolf” attack, which they are concerned about because if it is, there is “no trail, no intelligence” to follow up on.

I hope we get answers sooner than later because if this is a domestic bombing..let's just say we already have enough problems to deal with as a country internationally.

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