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Questionable photos of NFL star Kerry Rhodes were recently leaked and it shows him acting really cozy with his gay assistant Russell “Hollywood” Jackson!

Some of the photos show his arm around Jackson on a boat as well as second picture where Rhodes was holding his friend like a child, causing the media to question his sexuality.

Rhodes has spoken out about the photos telling TMZ, “Photos have been circulating of my former assistant and I that have caused some rumors regarding my sexuality, and I wanted to address the situation." He then says pointblank, "I am not gay."

Rhodes went on to say that, "The shots were taken during a past vacation in a casual environment with my entire business team."

Here are the scandalous photos:

enter image description here

enter image description here

enter image description here

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enter image description here

enter image description here

However, Russell decided to spill the beans in an interview where he reveals his loving relationship with Kerry:

“*I was like his wife. I ran the household and took care of all his personal needs. If anyone needed anything from Kerry they came to me! That’s what Kerry loved about me. i didn’t take no sh*t from nobody. Kerry is kinda a dumb athlete, like a dumb jock. So, I took care of things that he didn’t understand. And yes, his teammates did know about me. It was kinda unspoken but I was at all his training camps and events. The other wives knew and loved me too. I was always there. It was no secret!*

Our sex life was great! It was very passionate because we were so in love. Of course he was the top! I’m not doing all that damn work! But, we were extremely close. It was very good and he put it on me!

I had an engagement ring he gave me. Look at some of the pics and I am wearing a promise ring he gave me. We were in love and it was real. But now look at him! He’s lying and looking like a real dumbazz. Why couldn’t he just STFU and no even said anything. He had to deny it like I wasn’t real. Like, I never existed. What the hell?? We filmed that reality show together, he has hours of footage of me and him together for the show. I have NOTHING to hide! I’m grown as hell and have nothing lie about.

"Kerry Rhodes is gay. That’s the truth."

There are plenty of homosexual athletes in sports, this is nothing new!

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