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It was announced Sunday of a proposed legislation to change the age to purchase cigarettes in New York.

If this bill passes, New York would be the first state in history to change the legal age to buy tobacco from 18 to 21. The purpose behind the bill is to stop teen’s smoking habits.

Sen. Diane Savino brought the bill into the light on Friday saying “Young people will go across the border, if I could prevent one kid, one kid from ever developing that habit, this legislation is worth it.”

However some people are entirely against the new bill like Brad Gerstman of the New York Association of Grocery, “I can’t believe that the state is now following the City Council on this. It just makes no sense.”

In my opinion, whether the legal age to buy cigarettes changes or not, teens will still find a way to get their hands on them. It’s simply too easy to do so nowadays.

Store owners make a ton of money off of underage smokers and underage drinkers. They also make a lot of money off of 18-20 year-old teens who see being able to buy cigarettes as their first legal grown up thing to do besides voting.

Do you think the age change is necessary and would be affective in stopping teen smoking?

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