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When you’re a superstar and going on a worldwide tour, why not ask for what you can!

Australian newspaper, The Telegraph, revealed Beyonce’s tour rider and some critics are calling the specific demands “insane” while others say the list is normal for any artist to ask for.

The rider includes:

• $900 worth of titanium drinking straws for her dressing rooms (used to drink a special alkaline water that's served at exactly 21 degrees!)

• Everyone in the crew must be dressed in clothes made of 100% pure cotton (to prevent her from having an allergic reaction)

• The dressing room must be painted off-white

• Every toilet seat (in each venue) must be brand new

• Bathrooms are stocked only with red toilet paper

• A hand-carved ice-ball (to cool her throat after performances)

• Glass platters of almonds, oatcakes and green-only crudités (no junk food allowed)

You’re on a worldwide tour and hitting new arenas/stadiums everyday so you want to be as comfortable as you can, nothing wrong with that!

By the way red toilet paper? I may need to do that in my bathroom lol.

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