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It seems like anything concerning Rihanna’s 777 Tour just spells disaster.

RiRi’s 777 Tour, never got off on the right foot– from journalists , bloggers, and fans aboard her plane complaining of never seeing the star, bad living and food conditions throughout the worldwide tour and saying it was experience they wished they were never part of.

The better part of RiRi’s 777 tour was aired to the masses Monday night on FOX but was a network flop. FOX executives weren’t happy with the ratings and it failed to live up to expectations.

The special only pulled in 1.8 million viewers, a huge flop in comparison to NBC’s The Voice which had 11.9 viewers.

If you missed the documentary here it is in full:

On top of that, critics weren’t fans of the documentary neither and gave it bad reviews. Some have said that it was merely nothing but an hour long of Rihanna attempting to buy lingerie in Paris.

One person, who was part of the tumultuous tour, went so much as to say it was “watered-down propaganda.”

I think this tour in particular should never be mentioned ever has bad juju written all over.

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