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Hall-of-Famer Scottie Pippen is under questioning after a huge brawl ensued between him and a fan in Malibu.

The fan reportedly asked Pippen for an autograph to which he declined and then a fight broke out that left the fan with severe injuries to his head, face, and back.

Now new details have emerged about the incident and Scottie is claiming that he was defending himself from an aggressive fan.

Sources close to the former Bulls player say that the fan was a drunk, middle-aged man, who was hounding him as soon as Pippen and his guests stepped inside the restaurant, Nobu.

When one of his dinner’s guests went to the bathroom, the man reportedly sat in the guest’s seat, and continued to press Scottie with questions. At that point, Scottie was not confrontational and politely asked the man to leave.

The fight ended up outside of Nobu when Scottie agreed to take a photo with the man, After the photo was taken, he then got really aggressive and wanted an autograph too. Scottie then refused and that’s when the man called him the n-word, shoved him, and then spit at him.

Sources close to the NBA legend say all hell broke loose when the spit landed on Scottie’s young daughter.

Was this guy just asking for it?

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