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Twinkie fans were upset when they found out their favorite classic cream-filled sponge cake would be gone forever.

Now, after 8 months of Twinkies not being on shelves, and the madness that took place while they were gone, they're back!

The new Twinkies are now 150 calories and can now last 45 days!

Being that Twinkies were a huge snack everyone loved, in a perfect world, these snacks would make their return too:

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  1. 3D Doritos - The puffy middle, the crunch, the bite size pieces, and the container it came in was a favorite in the early 2000's but soon disappeared off shelves.

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  1. Burger King's Chicken Fingers - I remember these being gone early last year and I was devastated. This was the only reason why I ate BK, now it's been replaced with chicken strips, blah.

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  1. M&M Crispys - There's a big difference between the cripsys and the pretzel flavored one they have out now.

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  1. French Toast Crunch - The original cereal that was shaped like french toast. Those of you might know it now as Cinnamon Toast Crunch. They need to bring the french toast shape pieces back, it was so much more enjoyable to eat!

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  1. Planters Cheez Balls - The UTZ kind that comes in a big plastic container from Costcos does not taste the same as the Planters. They stopped making them in 2006 and I don't know why because you can definitely taste the difference.

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Bonus: Squeeze Its - Even though I finished the juice in a 10 seconds, the bottle it came in was cool lol.

Any other snacks you wish would make a comeback?

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