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A NYC cab jumped the curb on 6th Avenue in Midtown yesterday morning and struck a woman.

The woman, who was on holiday from overseas, was struck by the cab and had to have both her leg amputated at the knee as a result.

A cyclist was also injured by the cab who got into a confrontation with the driver on the road a few minutes before the accident took place.

In a heated rage, the driver sped down the street causing him to lose control of his cab and hitting the woman.

According to Fox, the "cabbie had gotten into a road rage argument with a livery cab driver and the cars were trying to out run each other."

An NYPD spokesman said no charges have been filed and the incident is still under investigation.

(via Fox News:)

The cyclist was riding up Sixth Avenue alongside the cab when the motorist tried to make a left onto 49th Street about 11 a.m., the cyclist said.

"I told him, 'Stop,'" said the cyclist, who banged on the hood. "He gets angry. He honked his horn and accelerates."

The cyclist said he was then knocked onto the hood of the cab, and was carried along as the cab swerved up onto the sidewalk.

Here are some pics of the scene:

enter image description here enter image description here enter image description here

Cabbies in NYC are insane!!

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