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Shellie Zimmerman, George Zimmerman’s wife, made a 911 phone call on September 9, saying George threatened her and her father with gun violence.

Since the phone call Shellie concluded that she won’t be pressing any charges.

Ever since his acquittal of shooting teenager Trayvon Martin, Zimmerman has been in some questionable incidents.

Thanks to Mrs. Zimmerman’s 911 call we know that George Zimmerman destroyed an Ipad that Shellie had in her hands, punched Shellie’s father in the face, and held his gun in a threatening way to Shellie and her father.

Here's the 911 call via TMZ:

Police arrived at the Orlando home but instead of arresting Zimmerman they only spoke with him before allowing him to walk freely.

The Zimmermans filed for divorce last week and put blame on each other for the incident. Shellie even changed her initial statement saying her husband didn’t handle a gun in a threatening manner.

Since she reneged her statement police couldn’t move forward with any further action.

Lake Mary Deputy Police Chief Colin Morgan said George was having a fight with Shellie’s father before it took a turn for the worse and got physical.

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