Flashing Lights: Trouble In Paradise, Carmelo Anthony + Lala Are Having Marital Problems

After Carmelo Anthony tried to confront Kevin Garnett for allegedly saying that his wife Lala tastes like honey nut cheerios, media outlets started investigating and now sources are saying that Lala and Melo have been living separately for about two months.

There can be some truth to this because Lala has been absent from the NY Knicks home games until she showed up at the Celtics/Knicks game. She also hosted a party in Miami without her husband and without her wedding ring.

Now in other Carmelo Anthony news, he won’t be playing in the game against Indiana tonight because he’s been suspended for trying to have a man to man conversation with Kevin Garnett. Supposedly players can’t wait after a game for another player, it's unfortunate because he's said to be losing over $170,000 for not playing.