Is Shawty Lo About To Have Another Baby Mama + His Oxygen Show "All My Babies' Mamas" Cancelled

No, not again!

There’s a rumor going around that Shawty Lo has impregnated his ex-girlfriend Jai Jai after she posted a picture of her belly on Instagram. Shawty announced a few weeks ago that his upcoming reality TV show called “All My Babies' Mamas" would be airing on the Oxygen channel but has yet confirmed if the child is his. But if it is, the reality TV producers will probably want to add her to the show…if there is a show at all.

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When Shawty initially came out with the announcement of his show, an online petition was created in hopes getting the show cancelled. At first, the Oxygen network turned a blind eye but now it appears they’ve had a change of heart after receiving a petition signed with over 30,000 signatures protesting the show.

Oxygen has reportedly cancelled “All My Babies’ Mamas” after so much criticism from outsiders who say the network would be promoting negative stereotypes about African-American families. Oxygen is said to be making an announcement shortly.

The power of a petition!

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