'American Idol' Premieres To Lowest Ratings In History Of The Show

The popular singing competition show American Idol may not be so popular anymore as it premiered at the lowest rated and least-watched regular season ratings ever in the history of all of its 12 seasons Wednesday night.

American Idol’s ratings have been heading downward since 2009, due to other song-contest shows popping up and the fact that viewers feel the show is “getting old.” Fans of the show have split opinions about the arrival of Nicki Minaj and Mariah Carey as judges but producers of Idol signed the two artists on in hopes of getting their ratings up.

Looks like Idol tried to do too much this time around but hey it’s just the beginning of the season. However, if the ratings continue to plummet a few weeks from now, I think FOX and American Idol will have to think of a plan B and I have an idea of what that plan might be.