Shawty Lo and his 10 Baby Mammas coming to reality TV

Shawty Lo is getting ready for the premiere of his new reality show on Oxygen called “All My 10 Baby Mamas,” featuring his ten “Baby Mamas” and his progeny. Apparently, borderline polygamy is tolerated by the mothers of his eleven children for the sake of having their father involved with the kid’s daily lives. While this can definitely be construed as an unconventional family relationship to some, others may feel like Shawty is doing right by his children. The world needs less dead beat dads. Shawty Lo sets a good example, albeit in a strange manner. According to a poll on, sixty-three percent of voters say they will not watch the show. On the other hand, twenty percent attested that they would give the show a chance. The remaining seventeen percent voted that they “will watch the show, but won’t tell anybody.” enter image description here