Flashing Lights: Chief Keef May Have A Baby Mama...In Middle School!

Chief Keef really needs guidance in his life!

Keef was recently sentenced to two months at a juvenile detention center for violating his probation after he was shown on the internet at a gun range in NY. Now there’s a story that’s come out that Chief Keef may have a baby with a girl that’s in middle school.

The unidentified girl reportedly had the child in 2011 and is now suing Chief Keef for child support and medical expenses. She is currently a student at a Chicago middle school which means she got pregnant between 6th and 8th grade.

Chief Keef was supposedly 15 years old at the time he became a father and in Illinois, if both people are between the ages 9 and 17-years-old the oldest of the two has committed "criminal sexual abuse.”

If Keef is charged with the crime he will get a maximum of one year in prison.