Karrueche Says She Had No Part In Her Friend's Rihanna "Diss" T-Shirt [PHOTO]

Karrueche officially launched her new clothing called "The Kill" in Atlanta and many of her friends came out to support her new endeavor but it seems like one friend was ready to stir things up!

Karrueche took a picture with her friend at her launch party who was wearing a shirt that had a picture of Karrueche blowing a kiss with the words "Hi Rihanna" crossed out and Karrueche’s name in red letters instead!

Knowing about the never ending love triangle she’s in, people begun to think the t-shirt was part of Karreuche’s line! But the young model wasn’t going to let this one slide and tweeted:

enter image description here enter image description here

Oh boy! Here we go. What’s Rihanna going to say or do?