Flashing Lights: Chris Brown And Frank Ocean Get Into A Brawl At A L.A Studio!

There was a brawl between Chris Brown and Frank Ocean!

Frank Ocean was at Westlake Studio in L.A and Chris Brown was also there as well. According to sources, Frank’s crew saw that Chris was leaving and blocked him from leaving. Frank then said to him, “this is my studio, this is my parking spot”. After the comment, Chris then went to shake Frank’s hand and allegedly Frank’s people tried to attack Chris Brown and that’s when all hell broke loose. One of Breezy’s friends apparently jumped in front of Chris and hit Frank’s head. The sources say that Frank came at Chris and Chris pushed him away and then they started fighting.

The cops showed up and spoke to Frank Ocean and are naming him the “victim” because he stuck around and waited for them while Chris Brown left. Frank addressed the fight on his Twitter:

enter image description here

At this point no one wants to press charges and no arrests have been made.