50 Cent Says Rick Ross Drive By Shooting Looks "Staged"

Rick Ross’ birthday was yesterday and he had a very scary close call in an attempted drive by shooting.

Reports say that Rick Ross and his girlfriend entered their Rolls Royce and moments later a gun man opened fire on both him and his girlfriend who was sitting in the passenger seat. Witnesses claim they heard multiple gun shots go off followed by the sound of a car speeding away. Ross ended up crashing the Rolls Royce into a residential building while attempting to escape the gun fire.

There have been no arrests made, and suspects have not been identified. Sources are saying that after this shooting Rick Ross is planning to hire more security. Although many felt bad for Ross, others believed it to be a publicity stunt like his “good friend” 50 Cent. 50, who’s had a history of beef with Rick Ross took to his Twitter to address the incident saying, “Hahaha fat boy hit the building? lol it looks staged to me. No hole's in da car… hahaha that boy was spooked. I ride like OBAMA level 6 built proof, bomb proof,you already know. #SMSaudio.”

50 Cent believes the whole incident was fake because Ross’ car was not hit with any gunshots markings even though an assault rifle was said to be used at close range in the attempt to kill him. Buildings around the area where the shooting took place did have holes in them though.

Thank God nothing happened to Rick Ross…the outcome would’ve been eerily similar to what happened to Biggie.