Controversial And Disturbing Video, A Mother Forced A Tattoo Onto Her 3 Year Old Child [VIDEO]

Words cannot explain how crazy and sad this video is…I was so bothered and hurt watching this happen to this poor baby.

A video has been released of a mother holding down her 3 year old and forcing him to get a tattoo on his arm. Your heart really aches watching the child cry and squirm as the needle hits his arm. People speculate that the video may have been filmed in Havana, Cuba.


A person left this comment on YouTube saying that this is a common practice in certain cultures, they“brand” their child just in case the baby is sold into child trafficking and is rescued, “It is actually part of a 45 minute UNICEF video on child trafikking. This is an incredibly common practice in countries where children are abducted and sold into the sex and drug trade. The practice of branding allows the child to be returned to their families in the event that they are resuced. Children are often taken before they are old enough to know common identifiers about themselves and before this practice would frequently end up in the Foster care system.”

However, there is no evidence of the commenter’s claims because the videos UNICEF have released doesn’t contain any “branding” of babies.

Honestly though, who in their right mind would put a child through that kind of pain??