Hot Topic: Fight, Rap Do - Chris Brown vs. Frank Ocean [AUDIO]

Whenever there’s a fight or beef between two people in the news, you know we take it to the people and ask them in “Fight, Rap, Do”, who would win in a fight? Who’s the better artist? Who would you do? And this one is between Chris Brown and Frank Ocean who got into a brawl at the Westlake Studios in L.A.

It would be unfair to ask females this question because Frank Ocean is bisexual and everyone would choose Chris so we asked our gay listeners to answer the question for us!

On who really started the fight? Honestly I don’t think Chris Brown started it only because he’s really been trying to clean up his act. Aside from the love triangle, being with Rihanna again, fulfilling his community service, I really believe he’s trying to change and really did offer his hand in peace to Frank Ocean but Frank wasn’t having it.

You may not remember but Chris Brown’s crew filmed themselves chasing after Frank Ocean’s car outside a studio a few years back and was talking crap to him. There was already bad blood stemming from that incident and I guess Frank got the opportunity to be face to face with Chris Brown again and wanted to show him that he wasn’t a punk. Everyone is pulling the “gay/bisexual card” out but just because Frank Ocean is bisexual doesn’t mean he isn’t ready to throw down in a fight or can't fight. Hey but that’s just my take on it, who knows who really started the fight. Can’t we all just get along? They’re both great artists and make great music so let’s just keep the peace.

Much love to all of our gay fans by the way! Love you all!