Chicago Gang May Be Connected To Rick Ross Attempted Drive-By Shooting

Not too long ago, Rick Ross stirred up controversy with his “Black Bar Mitzvah” album.

Some critics took offense to his use of Jewish symbolism, later explained by Ross to be a metaphor that attributes his own success to rich Jewish men. The worst of the critics came out in the form of death threats from Gangster Disciple members via YouTube, who have adopted the Star of David asone of their gang symbols.

The G.D. gangsters threatened Ross, stating that he needed to “pay up” for using their gang imagery and shouting their leader’s name without their permission. Ross later responded during an interview, stating that he would not give in to their extortion attempts.

Rozay was shot at on his 37th birthday Monday morning during an assassination attempt in Fort Lauderdale, FL. He was not hit but crashed his Rolls Royce into an apartment building. One witness said they heard “nine or 10 shots, rapid fire. AK-47 or pretty large rifle, it was definitely a rifle."

Fort Lauderdale police are investigating and have not confirmed nor denied if this is the work of Gangster Disciple members. Oh boy….