Justin Bieber Fans Are Completely Out Of Control, Trending #CuttingForBieber On Twitter [PHOTOS]

If you’re on Twitter, 9 times out of 10 you'll see some kind of hashtag trending with Justin Bieber’s name in it….but I can guarantee this is a trend he would never ever approve of.

After photos of the teen superstar smoking weed were leaked onto the internet, his fans were so upset that they began a trend called “#cuttingforbieber” and posted up pictures of them cutting themselves with box cutters and razors in an effort to stop the Biebs from smoking weed because they look up to him and love him. They hope this would send a clear message to Justin and have him quit immediately.

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The world has officially gone mad! This is getting out of hand! Beliebers, how can you make this a trend???? I can’t believe it…please don’t be foolish, please don’t do this to yourselves.