Sad Trend, Women Are Drinking Acid Just To Get Welfare Money

What’s going on with these crazy trends?

Apparently there’s a new one that involves welfare and mothers. Supposedly expectant mothers living in the Eastern Cape, one of the poorest areas in South Africa drink 5 to 6 bottles of a drink called ‘moonshine’ which contains battery acid. The reason behind all this is to have their unborn child be disabled so they can claim a disability benefit from the government and use their disabled children checks as a source of income.

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Families that live in South Africa receive 250 South African rand which is $28 U.S dollars per child and if your child is disabled you receive 1200 South African rand which is $134 in U.S dollars. Drinking moonshine can cause the child to have birth defects which results in speech problems, physical deformities, learning difficulties and behavioral issues.

Is this for real? SMDH.

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