Motorcycle Gang Vs. Family Man [VIDEO]

Motocyclist jumped a man this past Sunday in the Uptown area of New York after he ran over one of the bike members while driving on the West Side Highway. Lien was on the road with his family ran over one of the members of a bike pack while cruising down the West Side Highway with his 2 year old daughter, and his wife. Members of the bike gang called into the show this morning and gave their version of the story claiming that Lien wouldn't let the bike pack get in front of him. This resulted in one of the members jumping in front of Lien's Range Rover to slow him down so that the rest of the crew could get ahead of the SUV. This caused Lien to stop short, and here is where he ran over the first biker. We're assuming Lien panicked when bikers got off their bike and kept going.