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We're not sure if you were tuned into last week's episode of Scandal, but if you weren't let us fill you in. In order to take the heat off of Olivia Pope they framed Janine a white house aide, and things really took a turn. There's always a wrench thrown somewhere in the show to throw you off.

Now Olivia Pope really did have an affair with the President (Fitz), and doesn't want the media to influence Americans that it was anyone else. Pope wants to deliver the truth to the people and try's to match the 2 million offer that Cyrus offered her to do otherwise (lie and say she did sleep with him). Olivia gets through to the girl and right before she's about to go on air, Fitz (the President) jumps on the air and lies and says he did sleep with Janine. Olivia's dad is just trying to protect Olivia's name clear, so being that the president lied in his announcement. For good behavior he releases Jake Ballard to Olivia all bruised and battered.

Check out a teaser below, and go to for the full episode. It should be up on their site later today! Personally, this is one of the best television shows on TV right now.

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