Twist, Turns, Secrecy, And Scandal In The Season Premiere Of Scandal Last Night

We're not to sure how much you know in regards to the television show Scandal, but if you were on the internet yesterday this was the talk of the net. Here's a brief synopsis of the show.

Olivia pope (the star of the show) was an advisor to the president during his election, and the two ended up having a heated affair and falling in love. As the story unfolds the first lady and the chief of staff become aware of the affair and things take a twist. Cyrus ( the chief of staff) plays three different roles once the story unfolds to keep his power in the white house. Olivia Pope's dad Rowan also becomes a prominent character in the second season by defending the Republic. Olivia has no idea he's involved until later on in the show.

In last nights episode Kerry's dad try's to protect Olivia and encourage her to run away. He tells her to take a plane to another country where she will have a new identity. While she's on the plane she calls Cyrus ( the chief of staff) and he encourages her to get off the plane and stay. During the debate where he's trying to convince her to stay he says if she doesn't stay the president will think he tried to have her killed. Cyrus tells her he can cover up the affair that has been let out to the public. While trying to cover up the affair, the wife discovers that the president purposely let the word of the heated affair out as a part of his plan. The president Fitz also lets his wife know he faked trying to make it up to her, and that he's not really all that into her. Toward the end of the episode Rowan (Olivia's dad) kidnaps Cyrus for his finger print, and unveils some valuable information that's in a folder. This is where the episode leaves off. Tune in next Thursday to see this season unfold!