Eminem Calls Out The Homophobic Community And Singer/Songwriter Sia Defends Him

Singer and song writer Sia wants to take the funds that she has earned from the song “Beautiful Pain” off The Marshall Mathers LP2, and donate it to the Los Angeles Gay & Lesbian Center. Now if you’re not familiar with Sia, she wrote Rihanna’s hit song “Diamonds”. You guys know Eminem is known for making homophobic comments, and Sia considers herself a “queer” so she’s decided to take the proceeds from “Beautiful Pain” and donate it to the homeless for LGBT youth. Well that’s a nice gesture!

See how Sia jumped in and defended Eminem when a fan came at her sideways and referenced his "Rap God" lyrics.

"I know personally that he is not homophobic, but a performance artist. I would never work with someone I believed to be homophobic. I respect that he can be misinterpreted in the worst way by the ignorami, and that scares me, but I respect him as an artist and person."