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Check out what Rosenberg had to say about Wale spazzing on Complex.

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  1. EbonyK_6680 posted on 12/19/2013 04:58 AM
    Wale we're cool and much kudos to your significance in our culture, communities, & conscious efforts! And I must say that (as we all shall) You have grown professionally into your music skills & socially out of the awkwardness .. But I must simultaneously, responsibly, & honestly say that though listening to this interview has made me appreciate your growth, there is still room to grow (as with all of us within our professional/ personal lives) & extend your consciousness levels further onto the that valuable most productive platform. Wale, please service for us ( if not for me the teacher, then for the youth at the school's lunch table) your most decent skills & practice as a "wordsmith" with your efforts in replacing the n-word. As a person with high regards towards humanitarianism and responsible communication, I can appreciate every jewel that you dropped in this interview; however, I can not accept or disregard that you also dropped that n-word like 3xs and it "stung" every instant. I recently spoke to the youth on how disservicing & powerful that this word is & how it continues to discredit us (whether we're consciously aware of it -or- not) as responsible governors of ourselves. I also explained to them how when choosing to use the derogatory term that it subconsciously "rape" us of our most highest recognition, which is our name. It was mentioned in the interview that violence was real in '94 & that it's been real... So to piggyback I have a responsibility to believe myself and say that the n-word is too terribly real and has been such waaaaaaay before our "hip hop/ conscious rap" days. As a matter of fact, within our history (despite our "friendly" connotations) and still today it perpetuates a subliminal heavy load of torturous violence & hate towards ourselves, while disregarding the brave people who worked so hard & sacrificed so much for us to not have to endure such. Everyone has their platform levels to manage, but I believe that the true conscious responsibility of humanitarian leaders need to be shared amongst the collective group. We can not complain, yet contribute to the fact that anything less than royalty within ourselves (and our future (youth) is okay. Regardless of the oppressed systems that have been set in place "real change" starts within us. And Both you and I have an audience of striving youth that struggle with their esteems before their concepts even begin to develop. My challenge is to you, myself, and many others who share this responsibility with us to become less resistant to our vocab usage; therefore, more accepting to opening new and valuable "name calling" doors. Think about it ...our change to omit and resubmit can & will influence a "new youth" a "new cool" a "new cipher" a "new language" a new way of understanding ourselves to be in total control of our "wholistic selves"; whereas, that small mental voice that you slightly heard say "Doubt your gift" would no longer exist (nor survive for a second) for the sincere reason that our gifts—our very reason for existence (which means so much more than a list) would be acknowledged in our powerful names— a reminding jewel that we will support us as we hear it, write it, speak it, and feel it ...everyday all day everywhere & everytime. The significance and the success of this imperative challenge will not continue to turn back the hands of time. Better yet, it will move us (and pay us) progressively forward (without fear) in a constant celebration of who we truly are especially amongst ourselves (and anyone who chooses to oppose) Thank you Wale for your honesty, sincerity, talents, and inspirational name! "Olu wale= God has entered/ God has come home" ‪#‎arthyself‬
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