Coco Is On Thin Ice, Vegas Rapper In The Scandalous Photos Is Shopping Around A Sex Tape

Do you guys remember these photos that leaked of Coco getting really cozy and comfortable with a rapper in Las Vegas? And Coco denied that nothing more happened between them two than those pictures that surfaced?

Well that rapper is back and is apparently trying to shop the proof around, a sex tape! The Vegas rapper AP9 initially told Star magazine “We had sex, it wasn’t making love; it was just sex. I really hope she isn’t pregnant! She threw me under the bus like I was some groupie stalking her.”

Now Rumor Fix is reporting that a publicist named Kali Bowyer reached out to them with info about the alleged sex tape. She received a call from AP9′s reps asking for “help to promote and sell pictures and video above the 100k offer.” Bowyer was told that the rapper “has various pics, audio and footage of him placing his hand into her private parts, acts of oral sex, doggy style positions with miscellaneous graphic exploits and sexual conduct.”

AP9 says he’s not trying to be malicious and wants the couple to be happy but he also wants to the truth to be told. “I want them to continue their marriage and be happy,” he stated. “I got respect for Ice, and I’m not mad at her. But don’t lie about me. “

What will Ice-T do this time around?