Flashing Lights: Did Adele Give Chris Brown A Piece Of Her Mind At The Grammys? [PHOTO]

Did Adele have it out with Chris Brown at the Grammys?

Well this photo is on the internet and sources are saying that Adele gave Chris a scolding because he didn’t stand up when Frank Ocean beat him in the "Best Urban Contemporary Album" category. Adele’s seat was across from his and cameras caught her staring at him and shaking her head.

Adele later went up to him and sources say was seen exchanging heated words toward him as Chris held his arms out to her. No one knows what exactly was said because no one could hear but sources went on to say that Chris Brown’s body language looked really uncomfortable and you can tell Adele was giving it to him.

Whose business is it for Adele to yell at Chris Brown if she did? If he wants to sit, he can sit.