Footage Surfaces Of Former LAPD Officer Christopher Dorner Buying Scuba Gear Two Days Before Murders [VIDEO]

More sightings have emerged of Christopher Jordan Dorner , a former LAPD officer and Navy reserve who’s already murdered 3 people one being another officer.

The massive search is on as Dorner is on the run, authorities have put up a $1 million reward for information leading to his capture. Dorner wanted to get back at his friend for accusing him of brutality which was the reason for his termination from the force. Dorner then went on the internet and accused the department of racism, biased and lying. He wrote an in depth post on his Facebook page on his plans of killing law enforcement officers and their families and he won't stop until his name is clear.

Cops found footprints leading from Dorner's burned-out pickup truck leading to an enormous, snow-covered mountain where authorities say he could be hiding among skiers, cabins and dense woods. But they may need to go back to the drawing board because a video has been released of Dorner buying scuba gear on February 1st at Sports Chalet in Torrance, a beach side community in the L.A. area, just two days before the murders.

The video shows Dorner carrying in 2 small, yellow scuba tanks as he walks into the scuba section. Reports say that he was refilling the tanks with oxygen . Authorities say he recently attempted to steal a boat from the San Diego docks but was unsuccessful.

Here’s the surveillance video (via TMZ:)

This is seriously like one of those crime shows turned into reality. who knows where this man can be! Wow…